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“We don't need to go to Russia for slavery, we've got it right here.”
Vivien Kellems — Toil, Taxes and Trouble, 1952


Vivien Kellems, American Patriot
1940 photograph of Vivien Kellems holding the Kellems Grip.
Photo by Al Aumuller
Library of Congress Archives

In Toil, Taxes and Trouble, you will read the fascinating account of Vivien Kellems, a rare woman for her time. Highly educated, owner of a very successful corporation, highly opinionated and 100% pro-American. Ms. Kellems, through intense research, came to the conclusion that the federal government was unlawfully forcing her to withhold taxes from her employees' paychecks. Once she determined that a wrong was being foisted upon unsuspecting Americans, both employer and employee alike, she decided to fight back — way back in 1948!

While the federal government went after Ms. Kellems, assuming she was just another female out of her element in the business world and therefore easy pickings, it soon found out the error of its ways. This woman not only fought back with the paper war that comes with standing up for what's right and what the law actually says, Kellems began an all-out, high profile, highly public campaign and took the issue to the people.

Daring the President of the United States of America to make her a paid tax collector, she spared no elected public servant in her quest to see the truth exposed. She dared the government to come after her. The outcome of Toil, Taxes and Trouble will surprise and delight you. Toil, Taxes and Trouble is a book that must be read by every American in order to understand one of the greatest scams being perpetrated by the United States government against her people.

— Devvy Kidd
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Due to the overwhelming response we have had for the Vivien Kellems Trial files and her FBI dossier, we have had to discontinue offering them in their downloadable form from this server. The bandwidth requests were just too great. We regret the inconvenience.

However, they are now part of the Devvy Kidd Archives CD in their entirety.

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Withholding tax creates the welfare state
Illustration by
William Bramhall

“Of course I'm a publicity hound. Aren't all crusaders? How can you accomplish anything unless people know what you are trying to do?”

Vivien Kellems (1896-1975), U.S. industrialist, lecturer.
Quoted in Reader's Digest (Pleasantville, New York, October 1975).

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